30 May, 2008

Elizabetha Crosses Kansas and Nebraska

Yesterday Elizabetha really turned on the speed and flew entirely across both Kansas and Nebraska in a single day. She covered 707 km (440 miles) which is her longest single day distance so far on her 48 day migration and well beyond her average daily distance of 217 km (135 miles).

She passed by Wichita, Lincoln and Omaha before roosting in the flat, open farm country 27 km (17 miles) south of the Missouri River in NE Nebraska. For those of you that might live in this area, she was only 2.4 km (1.5 miles) west of Route 81.

From the Google Earth image, it would appear that she slept on the ground in an open field last night. There are groves of trees in this area but primarily near human dwellings. It is to some degree distressing to see her on the ground, especially after what happened to Paco. It should not be too surprising, I suppose, as these falcons do breed on the tundra and roost in other treeless areas to the north. But still distressing.

Elizabetha also started to "bend" her route a bit to the east yesterday. Right now, she is pointed north towards Mark and Alastair up at Rankin Inlet in Canada.