24 May, 2008

Elizabetha Following the Classic Gulf Coast Route

Elizabetha is moving north up the coast of Mexico and traveled 179 km (111 miles) through the last part of the tropics yesterday. This is her 42nd day of migration.

Late in the day, she moved a bit inland and eventually put in about 41 km (26 miles) NW of Tuxpan. It appears that she roosted in a large tree adjacent to an extensive agricultural area. GE shows what looks to be some kind of orchard. Anyone know what kind of orchard they have in that area?

Elizabetha roosted about 268 km (166 miles) south of the Tropic of Cancer and is approaching Texas. It won't be long before she will be crossing the Great Plains.

Are there any readers out there that might want to try to intercept her? If so, contact bud@frg.org.