21 April, 2010

Approaching Peru

Island Girl resumed her migration yesterday, covering a solid 288 km (179 miles) to the north. This time she flew inland once again, flying over the driest desert in the world.

Last night, she was approaching Arica, the northernmost town in Chile and is now nearing the point where the coast of South America suddenly curves to the NW. This is where some of our birds in the past made a route choice between going due north into the Andes Mountains or curving to the left and following the coastline.

She roosted within 71 km (44 miles) of the city, the gateway into Peru.

Her roost site is awesome and, if you can, check it out on Google Earth. It was located on a huge cirque wall below a flat plain and above a deep river canyon, the Quebrada de Camarones. The town of Camarones was below. The elevation of the roost site was about 4,154'. Spectacular.

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Hey, very interesting approach to a blog! I like it!

We would love to have you post some of your flights/roosts to our site and you get a link back to your blog, sharing with many more visitors.

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