27 April, 2010

Island Girl Approaches Ecuador

On Monday, her 13th day of migration, Island Girl traveled 195 km (121 miles) NNE into the Piuran Mountains of northwestern Peru. She did continue to follow the foothill route as we expected.

So far, she has covered 3,762 km (2,338 miles) on her northbound migration.

This is a really beautiful area of Peru. I've been there many years ago. They grow citrus fruit and coffee in the region. There is much more vegetation than further south and the coastline to the west is famous for its surfing beaches.

She was only about 50 km from the border with Ecuador last night and has probably arrived there today.

The Google Earth image is pretty bad here so we do not have much detail on her roost site. It looks like she was on another mountain side about 1,200 feet in elevation and overlooking a river valley below. This location once again borders a rich agricultural valley, no doubt with lots of prey.

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