27 April, 2010

Island Girl Continues Through Northern Peru

On Sunday, Island Girl pretty much duplicated her behavior from last year, i.e. flying along the foothills of the Andean front and slowing a bit. She covered 229 km (143 miles) for the day and ended up east of Cartagena where the broad northern plain begins to extend to the northwest.

If she follows form, she will diverge from the coastal route here and continue to follow the foothills to the north. I'd guess that the onshore flow of Pacific winds pushing up into the mountains assists her on her way.

As she often does, she slept on an arid ridge near the top of an isolated mountain range bordered by two fertile agricultural valleys. Again, no shortage of food in these areas. There was a large reservoir, the Reservorio de Tinajones, 18 km (11 miles) to her south.

Her roost site was located at about 1,557'. Using Google Earth, one can see the presence of small shrubs of some sort, indicating that she is now approaching the tropical forests.

Looks like she has once again successfully traversed the driest desert on earth.

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