19 April, 2010

Island Girl Returns to the Coast

On Sunday, our female peregrine returned to the Pacific coastline. She had continued flying north as expected and flew 168 km (105 miles) for the day.

She roosted on a steep slope overlooking the Pan-American Highway and only 1 km (.6 mile) from the ocean. She could no doubt see the headlights of vehicles during the night and perhaps even hear them.

Her roost was located about 1,286' up the slope according to Google Earth. This is near the area where fog forms on the ridges. If you look up the coast a bit on the images, you'll see how the clouds sit atop the ridges above the ocean.

Also check out the blue square picture just north of her position on the coast. It is an aerial picture of the Rio Loa taken from offshore. It will give you an excellent idea of the terrain that Island Girl is travelling through right now.

In some areas on top of ridges like these, people build large structures that look very much from a distance like outdoor movie screens except their purpose is to collect dew from these fog clouds.

Island Girl was approximately 147 km (91 miles) south of Iquique last night. She is rapidly approaching the border with Peru.

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