17 May, 2010

The Interception Effort

At 1:56 AM, Don McCall alerted Bryan Kimsey, a rancher and falconer living near Clayton, New Mexico, that Island Girl was roosting about 40 miles from his house. In fact, as luck would have it, the site is practically next to his ranch.

Bryan was out the door by 3 AM and arrived near the roost site before dawn. It is situated on an extinct shield volcano cone called Sierra Grande, and was located "on private land in a rugged area".

Bryan writes...

"We were at the spot well before light. I had the location in my GPS and drove around to get some angles. Decided the best spot was the highway, hoping to get the falcon against the sky. Saw several Ravens on the slope and 1 redtail (although numerous Pronghorns at the base) but did not see your falcon. The location was actually fairly high up on the slope and it would have been easy for her to go over our heads....It rained last night and this morning was cloudy. We thought she might very well be wet and drying off...".

He took some wonderful photos of the area and sent them on to us. I don't know if we can link to them on this site but will give it a try. Her site will be the first three pictures. The fourth is looking north from the base of the mountain.




Hopefully these will come through and you can see where Island Girl spent her night in New Mexico.

We want to both acknowledge and thank Bryan for his extra 3 AM effort, obviously a reflection of a great love of falcons, which we all share.

Thanks Bryan.

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