02 May, 2010

Island Girl Crosses The Equator

On Saturday, Island Girl crossed the equator into North America, leaving the southern hemisphere behind until next October.

She initially flew NW towards the coast and then reached the Pacific Ocean near the town of Pedernales. Once she arrived at the ocean, she changed her heading to the NE, likely following the natural leading line of the beaches.

Island Girl covered 245 km (152 miles) for the day, and passed by the town of Esmeraldas in extreme northwestern Ecuador.

She roosted in tropical forest about 1.2 km (.76 miles) inland from the beach at Playa Las Penas, obviously near sea level, and only 54 km (34 miles) south of Colombia. She should be arriving in that most northwesterly country of South America as I write this blog entry.

How many of you reading this blog realize that most of Colombia, and all of Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana are all in the northern hemisphere?

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Dianna said...

I did NOT know that!