01 May, 2010

Island Girl Enters Ecuador

On Thursday, after 17 days of migration, Island Girl crossed over into Ecuador. She flew 182 km (123 miles) for the day and put in about 43 km (26 miles) SE of Guayaquil. She had flown parallel to the Pacific coast and past the delta of the Rio Guayas, the largest river in Ecuador.

She slept in what must be a gorgeous location. There is a small, isolated mountain range that "erupts" out of the flat coastal plain. The GE image resolution is quite poor in this area and so details are lacking, but our website map shows that she roosted about half-way up the north ridge of an apparent ancient volcanic peak. This heavily vegetated site overlooks a crater lake, the Laguna El Cancion. Her elevation was about 1,315'. Looks like a place you'd want to visit.

Island Girl has now covered 4,110 km (2,554 miles) on her northbound migration.

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