21 May, 2010

Island Girl in East Central Saskatchewan

On Thursday, Day 38, Island Girl kept to a northerly heading on her way through Saskatchewan. She travelled a relatively short distance of 304 km (189 miles) for the day and was still paralleling the Manitoba border.

She roosted in coniferous forest on Pine Island and very near the shoreline of Cumberland Lake, a relatively large body of water and part of the headwaters of the Saskatchewan River. Her elevation was 873' and she slept quite near a dirt road.

Looking at Google Earth, I found that the small Cree Nation town of Cumberland House was within two miles of her roost site. So I went online, got the number of the tribal office and called them up to let them know about the project.

I spoke with Jennifer, who kindly gave me the number of the school and a teacher there. Jennifer very patiently listened to the story of Island Girl and says she will put it on everyones Face Book page in the town to share the story.

I next called Teresa, the teacher, but she was out at the time, probably teaching. However, I was lucky enough to get her son, Ray, 16, who politely took all of the information for his mom. So hopefully, the school kids of Cumberland Lake will learn about the exploits of this remarkable bird.

I was in this general area chasing Seven on his southbound migration a couple of years ago. He went by the town of Flin Flon 93 km (58 miles) to the north.

This entire area is wilderness with lakes, streams and rolling hills of conifers and birch typical of the southern boreal forest.

And Don McCall notes that....

"Last year, she reached this latitude on 26 May, at which time she was about 300 km east of her present location, so she really isn't that far off last years's route (in time or distance)."

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mike blom said...

My name is Mike Blom and i'm a raptor bander. I was wondering if you have any more information on Island girl. I have a migration station setup along the North Saskatchewan River and my father was a fishing guide during the summer at Macoun Lake close to Reindeer Lake. I begin hawk banding at my site in mid Sept, and was wondering when PEFA's begin their journey back south.
Here is my blog if your interested.