20 May, 2010

Island Girl Migrates Into Canada

On Wednesday, 19 March, her 37th day of migration, Island Girl crossed the North Dakota line into southeastern Saskatchewan. She ended her day about 259 km (161 miles) north of the US border.

She was flying hard and covered 560 km (348 miles), one of her longest single day distances this season. And she crossed the entire United States in only 4 and a half days!

As expected, she began to curve to the NE, a heading that will eventually take her towards Hudson Bay. If she returns to her eyrie from last year (on Baffin Island), as tundra peregrines are known to do, she will increase her slant each day.

She roosted in a large woodlot in an area of flat rolling hills and agricultural fields. I recall driving through here while chasing Seven and it is beautiful country. Her elevation was 2,o54'.

Her position was 106 km (66 miles) west of the Manitoba line.

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Amy L said...

I have been been comparing her 2009 route with her 2010 route. Amazed at how closely she stuck to the 2009 route up until New Mexico.
I've been using this side-by-side graphic comparing 2009 to 2010 snow cover.

It's wonderful to watch and speculate about how she chooses her route through Canada.
Thanks so much for all your efforts, Amy