01 May, 2010

Island Girl Moving Through the Central Valley Of Ecuador

On Friday, Island Girl continued north, following the "classic" peregrine migration route through the central lowland valley of Ecuador. She is still taking it easy and covered only 193 km (120 miles) for the day. She was approximately 110 km (69 miles) inland from the coastal city of Manta.

For those interested, Manta and Jipijapa are where the famous, lightweight Panama hat originated. They are made from the Toquilla straw plant.

Island Girl is nearing the Equator ("Ecuador") and roosted about 92 km (57 miles) south of the line. She will most likely be crossing it today.

She roosted in low tropical forest at only 325' elevation, just off Route 25, the main road from Guayaquil to Quito in the Andes.

There is a huge impoundment here in the Manabi Los Rios area. Peregrines often hunt out over such large bodies of water where they can cut off their potential prey from escaping into the forest cover.

Perhaps this is why she chose this location. She may have even been hunting bats high over the water. I have witnessed such behavior several times in Ecuador in past years.

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