07 May, 2010

Island Girl Roosts in El Salvador

Island Girl continued to increase her miles on Thursday.

Early in the day, she flew out over the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Nicaragua, then crossed the Gulf of Fonseca and entered into El Salvador. She flew 543 km (337 miles) for the day and nearly crossed that entire country (only 259 km or 160 miles long) but held up short for the night. I think that this may be our first tagged falcon to roost in El Salvador.

She slept in the highlands at 2,870' near the Guatemalan border only 8.7 km (5.4 miles) to the northwest. Her site was about 41 km (25 miles) inland from the coast and very near a major highway leading into the town of Chalchuapa.

Check out the crater of the Lago Coatepeque to her SE on Google Earth. Gorgeous lake!

Don McCall adds that over her entire 24 day migration thus far, she is averaging 286 km (178 miles) per day.

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