16 May, 2010

Late Reception of Satellite Signal as Island Girl Approaches Texas

On certain days, the satellite signals are delayed and we don't get them until late in the day. Yesterday was such a day.

So, here is a late update for Friday, Day 32. Island Girl continued flying NW towards the US and really put on some speed. She migrated 614 km (382 miles) across the Chihuahuan Desert of Mexico and put in for the night only 5 km (3 miles) from the US-Mexico border near the Pecos River in SW Texas.

She slept on a cliff at 3,595' among some gorgeous terrain, lots of canyons, high walls and mesas and definitely worth a look on Google Earth. A truly beautiful site!

We had expected her to veer to the north towards Baffin Island but once again, she has her own agenda.

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