23 May, 2010

A Short Hop to the NNE on Saturday

On her 40th day of migration, Island Girl flew a relatively short distance, suggesting that she may be encountering snow at her current position. That would definitely slow her down.

She covered only 107 km (66.8 miles) and is now 392 km (244 miles) west of Churchill and almost at the same latitude (58.6 degrees N).

She put in for the night at Kelso Lake, west of the Sand Lakes Provincial Park in Manitoba. She is approaching the border with Nunavut, only 154 km (96 miles) to the north of her roost site.

Her elevation last night was 1,194'. Although the detail in GE is poor, it appears that she slept within 250' of both lakeshores and perhaps on the ground but we can't be certain.

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