03 May, 2010

Sunday in Colombia

Island Girl is taking the "classic" route up the Pacific coastline of South America. On Sunday, she crossed from Ecuador into Colombia, flying a total of 333km (207 miles) for the day and traversing nearly a third of the country already.

Almost all of our satellite-tagged falcons have flown up this verdant coastline of Colombia and she is no exception.

As I have said several times in the past, if there is anyone in Colombia that wants to band migrant peregrines, this coast would appear to be a dynamite place to set up a program.

She roosted last night in an extensive mangrove-covered estuary where three rivers come together. She was closest to a side channel of the Rio Timba. The GE coverage is pretty bad here but it appears that she slept in some really wet tropical rainforest.

Don noted that she was nearly due west of Cali.

Here's a geo-quiz.

Did you know that there are far more people in Colombia than Canada?

The countries with the largest populations in the western hemisphere are the US (301 million), Brazil (187 million), Mexico (108 million), Colombia (44 million), Argentina (40 million) and then Canada (34 million) (fide Wikipedia).

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