04 June, 2010

Photo of Island Girl's Roost Site in Montana

I received a remarkable e-mail from our friend and colleague, Rob Domenech of the Raptor View Research Institute, today. He has forwarded on a message from Charles Sullivan , USFWS, in Montana.

Charles was able to drive out to the roost site used by Island Girl on 19 May near Plevna, Montana, and take some pictures (see above). This is one of the first roost site photos ever taken on this four year long study.

She roosted on a wooden power pole located quite close to the road. As he mentions, this was one of the older three-phase cross arm pole types that have proven so dangerous to raptors due to electrocution.

Looks like Island Girl had a close call there.

Many thanks to both Charles and Rob for allowing all of us to learn more about her roosting behavior.

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Amy L said...

On the night of Sept29-30, 2010 she roosted on top of a tower near Kent State University. There's a great view of the tower using google maps street view!