22 September, 2011

20 September 2011-Island Girl Begins Her Third GPS Migration South

After spending her summer on Baffin Island, Island Girl has started her southbound migration towards Chile on 20 September.

This will be her third trip south wearing a backpack GPS satellite transmitter so we will hopefully be able to follow her along her route once again. She was originally captured and tagged by Kathy Gunther and Bud Anderson at the Putu dune field of southern Chile on 15 March 2009. She also went through the 2010 earthquake with us in Chile.

This year, several of our friends in North, Central and South America will be looking for her in hopes to be the first to spot her during migration.

She appears to have a really precise internal clock as she has departed Baffin on either the 20th or 21st of September each time, a rough departure period of about 24 hours, and very near the fall equinox (September 23).

She left Baffin sometime after 0900 local time and immediately crossed Hudson Strait into northern Quebec.

As always, our remarkable and dedicated GPS whiz, Don McCall, reports that she had covered 245 miles (394 km) by 5 PM local time. It is likely that she continued on but we can't know until we get tomorrows signal.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all, so bad Island Girl going ouest of my province, do you tink her trail going strait douw shout, or maby zigzag est and ouest.and thank to up-date your poste.

Anonymous said...

Hello, is good to have some news again. I hope we can get the map soon and be able to track her all the way down here. tahnk you for your effort.