29 September, 2011

Thursday Morning in Mississippi

Island Girl is taking her own sweet time flying through the southern US. Yesterday, she had another relatively slow day, covering only 130 miles (210 km) in her journey towards the Gulf of Mexico.

She put in for the night about 67 miles south of the Tennessee border, roosting in north central Mississippi. You can definitely tell she is in the south. Her location was in Yalobusha County, well west of Tupelo, NE of Grenada Lake and not far from Coffeeville.

She selected an area of timbered hills and slept only 100' from Turkey Creek Road, a small dirt lane winding through the hills.

Her track is veering slightly west again and it looks at this point that she will be confronted head on with the Gulf soon. Don suggests New Orleans. Do we have any readers from that area?

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