23 October, 2011

18 minutes Ago from Marco in Costa Rica

Our friend and colleague, Marco Saborio, just sent this e-mail to us....

"Believe it or not, I drove back to Limon yesterday for the day. Never found IG but I went to visit the little patch of forest where now there are three red markers, I think that is an area she visits to hunt, also the area she was yesterday at 2200Z and that had visited other times in previous years, it is a marsh where she probably hunts too. 

The weather continues bad in the region but yesteday in the afternoon, we had a big storm and all peregrines had to look for perches, apart from the two that were in the big tower since I arrive, we counted eight more perching on power towers along the road after the heavy rain.

This morning I got a call from the friend that have been helping me in Limon, he said that he thougth that the fix for last night was in the church.  Latter he went to check and found a peregrine perching in the cross of the church but was not IG, however that is the higher structure in town and also there is an old campanary besides the church that would be a perfect place to roost.  The church is the big blue roof  that you see close to the 0600Z fix.

One thing that IG has shown us, is that Limon is probably the best place in Costa Rica to observe Peregrines, at the base of the big tower we have colected many remainings of diferent species of birds, some water birds to be identified, doves, pauraques (nocturnal), Little blue Heron, but mainly heads of Yellow-billed Cuckoo (migratory).  Hope this information be of any interest for the project." 

Great information and a good deal of time, effort and cost associated with Marco's effort.

Thank you very much Marco for giving us all a window into Island Girls life in Costa Rica.

For those of you reading this blog, if you'd like to thank Marco personally for all his dedication and work, please feel free to e-mail him at msaborio@conexion.cr.

I would also point out that Marco is a professional guide and nature photographer. If any of you are ever planning a trip to Costa Rica, I'd recommend that you contact him for that too.

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