28 October, 2011

E-Mail From Guido in Panama

"Hola Amigos !

Quite a dissapointment to see our Island Girl flying over the Gulf of Panama directly into Colombia !
I missed seeing her this year.. maybe next year I can find a good excuse to scout for a new banding station near Punta Mala in the Azuero Peninsula where she stopped both last year and this year as well !

On a more exciting note, even though Island Girl didn´t think much about visiting Panama City, she was by herself because some 900,000 other migrating raptors did come by !!!

We had a fantastic Big Day yesterday with kettles upon kettles of migration hawks and Turkey Vultures.. You should have been here to witness it.


I should also point out here that Guido is one of the most accomplished bird guides in Panama. He took 14 of  us on a Falcon Research Group tour there three years ago and it was probably the best tour that I have ever been on. He does an incredible job.

He is also a major donor to the Ancon Hill Hawk Count, supporter of Panama Audubon Society (their office is next door) and deeply involved in conservation issues in his country.

Please consider him for your next tour to Panama! I guarantee you will not be sorry.

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