13 October, 2011

Island Girl Enters Honduras

Island Girl continued to fly directly east yesterday. She essentially crossed Central America and made it to the coastline of the Caribbean Sea and slightly into Honduras. She covered only 131 miles (211 km) for the day, a relatively slow pace perhaps related to the hot, humid climate typical of this area.

Once she reached the coast, she followed it to up the NE as it skirts Bahia de Omoa.

Last night, she roosted in some trees very close to two houses situated just off CA 13, the main coastal road. She was just a few hundred yards from the beach.

Island Girl has now pretty much reached her "normal" fall migration route that she has used over the previous two years. It seems likely that she knows where she is now. We'll see if she varies her pathway from here south.

I spent the night in San Pedro Sula (a short distance south of her roost)  on the chase south a few years back. Very hot, very humid and totally tropical.

 I drove through this same area several years ago and recall vivid green, wet forests, warmth and humidity, exactly what you might expect to find.

She roosted

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