20 October, 2011

Island Girl Makes It to the Coastal City of Limon

Last night Island Girl did pretty much as we expected for once. She continued on down the Caribbean coastline of Costa Rica traveling only 46 miles (75 km) over the course of the day. Nice timing on the short run as this puts her very close to Marco.

Don got a late signal this morning however (we never know when it is coming in exactly) and we are not sure what is happening down there just yet. The data may have reached Marco too late to see her. We're waiting to hear from him now.

Once again, Island Girl flew right into town to roost. Remember that all of these cities will likely have flocks of pigeons and doves in residence.

 Looks like she selected a hill for her roost. It is about 210' in elevation and apparently overlooks the ocean.

She slept right among a cluster of houses in a typical neighborhood with houses everywhere.

I can't detect any tower shadows on Google Earth but I can see what looks to be several large trees, likely what she slept in during the night.

Her location in Limon was only about 30 miles (48 km) NW of the famous hawk watching site at Kekoldi so she was very close today, perhaps even doing a fly-by.

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