10 October, 2011

Island Girl Resumes Her Migration South

After a three day sojourn in Veracruz, Island Girl has shifted back into her migration mode.

Yesterday she flew 162 miles (260 km) to the SE, crossing the coastal plains leading towards the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. She is now in an area she knows very well, having migrated through here at least three times before on her northbound migrations.

This is the traditional area where many, if not most, North American migrant raptors cross over to the Pacific side of Central America en route south. So she will be traveling with thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of other birds of prey and who knows how many other peregrines.

So, as I am writing this entry, Island Girl has most likely entered the hill country of Oaxaca and may even be approaching Guatemala today. The border is about 200 miles from her last roost site.

Last night she roosted in what appears to be a fragment of dense forest in a deeply rural area. This area features alot of small agricultural fields and tiny villages. Quite a change from the downtown cacophony of roosting in Veracruz.

I would expect that she slept well.

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