21 October, 2011

Island Girl Returns to Limon

Yesterday, Island Girl continued to fly southeast along the Caribbean shore of Costa Rica. Our one signal showed that she was offshore either migrating or simply hunting. She had flown about 20 miles (32 km) from her last perch in the city of Limon and we expected that she would continue on past Kekoldi and into Panama.

However, in a very atypical move, she reversed her direction and flew right back the way she had come.

Last night, she roosted on the same hill as the night before. Her perch appears to be another smaller tower in the exact same neighborhood, perhaps 170 yards from her previous roost.

In Google Earth, look for a circular mowed area with a thin, barely perceptible shadow to the SW of her GPS location. Looks to be off by about 210'.

We have seldom seen this type of reverse direction behavior in a fall migrant peregrine before,  but there you have it. And that, of course, is exactly why we have her tagged. This stuff just isn't known.

And finally, our sympathy goes to Marco Saborio, who waited near Limon a week to see her, barely missed and drove home to San Jose yesterday. How incredibly frustrating that must be.

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Anonymous said...

hola a todos los seguidores de Island Girl mi nombre es asdrubal avila y junto a mi esposa agnes estubimos rastriando ese hermoso alcon somos de costa rica de la provincia de limon en el barrio siglo 21 esa hermosa ave esta ubicada a unos metros de mi casa en siglo 21 en limon esa ave es tan especial y la almiro por su trayectoria desde canada asda costa rica y le pido a Dos q la proteja en su regreso a casa