06 October, 2011

Island Girl Roosts in Downtown Veracruz

Our bird continued migrating south along the Gulf coast yesterday, covering 149 miles (240 km) for the day.

En route, she passed all of the classic, major Gulf of Mexico hawkwatching locations, La Mancha, Johnny Angel Beach and Cardel.

She finished up by landing right in the heart of the city of Veracruz, perhaps to hunt pigeons.

The Google Earth image shows a long black shadow at her roost site, suggesting a tower of some kind, a radio or cell tower most likely.

I have passed closely by this location several times in the past and stayed at hotels not far from there. Those of you who have been on any past FRG Veracruz tours were also quite close.

The tower is also located about a third of a mile NW of the location of the fourth North American Ornithological Congress in 2006.

Is there anyone on the Veracruz team who could take a picture of this site for us?

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