22 October, 2011

Living in Limon

Well, she is staying in Limon. At least she did one more time last night. Looks like she roosted on yet another type of tower on the same hilltop as the last two nights. There are two shadows visible in Google Earth.

Here is what Marco writes...

"Yes, there are several towers around the hill where the big tower is located, all can be checked from the hill. 

   In the one to the North which I was checking constantly there was a falcon the day IG arrived, but the one there was not her.  I'm using 20x binoculars to make sure I can check very well. 

   In the large tower I had always no less than two falcons and a maximum of 5 perching at the same time, this happened every day so I think they prefer this tower which is the one that has better visibility and the only one with a view to the ocean. 

   On the other hand IG have stopped twice in the large one, while the other towers had been built in the last months by new telephone companies starting operations soon.

 I have been trying to find someone living in Limon to go and check in case she stays there a bit more."

   So there is no telling how much longer she will remain in Limon. She paused for four days in Veracruz before heading on to the south.

   The best bet for her hesitation is bad weather. We know it has been raining quite a bit down there lately. But who can say for certain? Maybe it is about hunting. All we can do is speculate and wonder.

   However, it is most interesting to see that she has paused for several day intervals during her southbound migration. In the early days, most peregrine biologists thought that migrant peregrines would rush back to their wintering grounds as soon as possible.

   With satellite technology, we now know that some do, some don't.

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