30 October, 2011

A Mile High in the Andes of Colombia

Island Girl continued south yesterday after a bit of a rest. She flew 261 miles (420 km) and covered most of the rest of Colombia.

She decided to fly into the Andes range, moving up substantially in elevation from the hot, wet and humid tropical lowlands of the coast.

She eventually reached the Cordillera Central and stopped off in a gorgeous river valley forming the headwaters of the Patia River which flows north from here to the Pacific coast.

She roosted at 5,200 feet in elevation (1,505 meters) on the lower slopes of an active Andean strato-volcano, Volcan Galero (14,028 feet). This is the most active volcano in Colombia, having erupted again just last year.

She was about a mile from the outskirts of the city of Pasto (400,000 people) located on the Pan-American Highway (HWY 25). This is considered a cool temperature area of Colombia and the guidebooks say to wear a sweater there.

I was surprised to find that the main industries are furniture making and dairy farms. Check out the Pasto site on Wikipedia. Some beautiful places there. And we all know so little about Colombia.

Island Girl slept about 33 miles (53 km) north of the border with Ecuador and is likely flying there today, even as I write this blog entry.

So she is rapidly approaching the Equator and the southern hemisphere.

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