25 October, 2011

Pictures From Marco Saborio

As many of you know, our friend and colleague in Costa Rica, Marco Saborio, has been trying unsuccessfully to see Island Girl in his country. During his efforts, he has visited several of her roosts in Limon. This morning, he was kind enough to send me some pictures of her known and suspected roosts, the cell tower(for certain) and the cathedral (suspected) in Limon. Here are his pictures showing several other peregrines (NOT Island Girl) perched on her roost sites.

This picture above shows another peregrine flying into the communications tower used for roosting and hunting.

The above photo depicts three different peregrines perching near each other while using the same tower. It is kind of remarkable to see them all sitting so close to each other.

Here is a photo (with a detailed inset in the upper left) of the Church in downtown Limon where we think that she roosted.

Once again, we send many grateful "thank you's" to Marco for sending us these three photos.

It is really nice to get some idea of what things look like there in Limon.

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