08 October, 2011

A Third Night in Veracruz

Island Girl remained in the Boca Del Rio district of Veracruz again last night.

She is doing what we call "staging" at this point, i.e. taking a break from her migration and no doubt fattening up on the local avian prey that is so readily available in a large city. She is "recharging her batteries" so to speak.

Looks like she spent most of her day hunting from a luxury hotel situated right on the Gulf of Mexico coastline. Probably hunting coastal migrants from her perch above the beaches.

Wish I could be there too. Veracruz is such a beautiful city, especially at this time of year. Keep in mind that the largest known hawk migration in the world occurs there every fall with literally several million raptors flowing by. The majority are Mississippi Kites, Broad-winged Hawks, Swainson's Hawks and Turkey Vultures and it is a sight to behold. It is a stunning event you must see to appreciate.

Definitely put it on your bucket list if you have never seen it before.

Back to Island Girl. It appears that she roosted yet again on some sort of tower in the heart of the suburbs south of town.

We have contacted several of our raptor friends and colleagues in the Cardel/Veracruz area to see if they can take the time to look for her.

Many thanks to Norma Ferriz, Randy Breaux and Alberto Martinez Fernandez for making contact with the crews in Mexico. We are currently waiting to hear back from them to see if anyone had luck in spotting her.

This is without doubt the best opportunity for anyone to see her on migration.

We also got a single signal from this morning. Once again, she is perching on a tall tower in a neighborhood in Boca Del Rio but further to the south. Could be she is once again heading out on migration today. We seldom see peregrines staging in fall for more than a couple of days.

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