13 October, 2011

Unique Behavior As Island Girl Enters Guatemala

Island Girl is exhibiting all sorts of new and fascinating behavior on her fall migration this year. As an example, yesterday, instead of heading for the Pacific coastline as I expected (and predicted wrongly once again!), she flew due east towards the Caribbean Sea. This was not a wandering flight either. Her path was very direct, as if she knew where her "normal" southbound route was located.

It appears that she is going to rejoin her usual southbound route in Honduras.

She entered Guatemala by flying into Huehuetenango Province (?), State (?), region (?) and continued on through Quiche and Alta Verapaz. Her route traversed the northern front of a mountain range, passing by or through several National Parks or Reserves.

She flew 157 miles (252 km) for the day before roosting in one of the most interesting areas geologically that I have seen on Google Earth so far. It looks like some sort of perhaps limestone karst formation creating small boxes and ridges throughout a large area. Would love to be on the ground there to look it over.

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