07 November, 2011

Island Girl Crosses Into Chile

Hi Everyone,

   Sorry for the late posting. We had a visit here from the flu this weekend.

Here is Don's posting for Saturday...

"Island Girl crossed the border into Chile yesterday, so she's now on the home stretch.  She spent the night on the side of a dune (or perhaps the top, given GPS error limits) within a couple of hundred meters of the ocean and about 60 kilometers (37 miles) south of Arica.  Her distance travelled yesterday was 289 km (178 mi), slightly above her average daily distance for the entire migration so far."

I would add that she actually slept on a small rock face on a steep hillside at 485'. This is a very typical roost site for the coastal Atacama.

There was a small sandy beach located just below her. You would not want to be a shorebird foraging along that beach at first light.

Island Girl is now flying through an area that she knows very well. At a minimum, she has migrated through this region at least eight times, six times as an adult and two as an immature bird. In fact, we have had tagged peregrines roost further up this valley in the past.

If you look just upstream from her roost, you'll see five clusters of long, parallel buildings arrayed along the river valley. These are chicken farms most likely supplying poultry to the city of Arica.

Further up from them is the Pan-American Highway, highway 5.

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