14 April, 2012

Island Girl Migrates North on Same Day as Felipe

This morning around 0930, I was sitting watching this falcon and trying again to trap her, once again unsuccessfully.She was in her usual place, sitting in the sun with her "winter mate". Both falcons stooped my pigeon several times. They were then distracted by a fiery little passing juvenile and all flew around behind a dune. That was the last I saw of her.

She must have started her migration right after that, maybe even then. Amazing. I got to see her certainly within an hour or two of her leaving.

Don McCall reports that she left the Rio Mataquito area later and headed towards Santiago. Last signal, a weak one, indicates that she is about 25 km (16 mi.) SW on Santiago.

We are just a little south of that right now. Gotta go and get some sleep for the chase tomorrow.

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