07 May, 2012

IIsland Girl Slowly Moving Along Caribbean Coastline in Panama

Island Girl continued to follow the northern coastline of Panama yesterday moving about 148 km (92 miles) on her 22nd day of migration.

It looks like she roosted in what I am going to guess is a mangrove forest just over a mile from the ocean.

If you look at her route, it becomes apparent that she could have easily flown further west when she crossed the Gulf of Panama and arrived at the Azuero Peninsula. She knows this area well and has flown south from here in the past.

She would have saved both time and distance using this route but it is an over-water crossing of some distance. So she took the less hazardous choice and came ashore further east.

I have always liked the shape of the routes of the falcons when they change bearings in Panama.

Graphically, the routes here resemble giant question marks to me.

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