15 May, 2012

Island Girl Migrates Past Veracruz

On 13 May, Island Girl once again followed her traditional pathway north. She veered away from the foothills and crossed the well-known coastal plain inland from Veracruz. The largest raptor migration in the world takes place every fall across this region with well over 4 million birds of prey migrating south.

Island Girl is one of them and last fall you may remember that she spent several days in Veracruz on a set of towers where she was photographed by our friends there.

This is her "reverse" migration route as she heads home.

She flew 176 km (109 miles) for the day, passing well north of Cardel and Chichicaxtle, the premiere hawkwatching locations, before roosting 6 miles inland from the Gulf of Mexico (elevation 594') on a wooded ridgeline about 3 miles from the main highway.

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