26 September, 2012

Another report from Don McCall....

Latest data from this AM....

"We don't yet have Island Girl's overnight roost location for last night, but we do have solid GPS data for yesterday afternoon; at 5 p.m. (local) yesterday she was flying south over the northeast corner of Hudson bay (west of the northern tip of Quebec) at a speed of 83 km/h (52 mph) suggesting a moderate tailwind from a low pressure system east of her.

She has now flown 672 km (418 mi) since departing Baffin Island."

Don't forget that you can check out her locations on the tracking maps.

Here at Padre Island, the birds are starting to move. We had several around us at dusk last night and Chris Pfister caught his first ever Padre peregrine.

Weather maps show a good cold front moving south across the US, always a good sign as it drives peregrines in front of it.

Should be busy here in the next few days.

               Habitat shot showing Chris working on the flats. This is where wild peregrines hunt to fuel their migrations.

Watching Island Girl heading out over Hudson Bay always brings up the question of which route she will select this year, East Coast or Central Flyway or other?

Too early to call of course but keep an eye on that heading.

And incidentally, if she is coming your way and you want to try and see her, like our friends in Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile, please let us know.

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