25 September, 2012

Don's report

Just received this e-mail heralding the start of the migration for fall 2012.

"Hi Everyone,

Welcome to another southern migration season for the FRG Southern Cross Peregrine Project. Sometime between 17:55 (GMT) yesterday 24 Sep, and 13:25 today, Island Girl departed Baffin Island and flew south or southwest for approximately 195 km (121 mi) to the general vicinity of Salisbury Island, which is part way across Hudson Strait separating Baffin Island from northern Quebec. So far we have only Qual-0 Doppler signals (no GPS), but two of them in the same general area almost certainly indicate that she has started south.

This will be the fourth southern migration for which she has been tracked (we already have four complete northern migrations). Let's hope her PTT holds out for a couple of more months."

Thanks Don.

We are off and running...

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