30 September, 2012

Island Girl Heading for the US

Sorry about the late posts. Spent yesterday on jets and in airports without any decent WIFI. Calling you out here Houston and Austin. Boingo is wrongo.

Two days  ago, our girl flew 60 km (37 miles) across the Canadian tundra and roosted not far from her previous nights roost. So no big push.

The next day, she turned due south and flew 251 km (156 mi) in nearly a straight line before coming in to roost out on the tundra between James Bay and Lake Superior. The area she passed through is fascinating, a tundra-like component of the boreal forest with extensive grasslands most of the way. Limited numbers of trees start to creep in along the river valleys as she gets nearer to the boreal forest (taiga) proper. This is where the tundra-like habitat dips furthest south in Canada. If you have the time, check it out on Google Earth.

The next morning, she took a turn to the SW and at last signal was headed for the northern shores of Lake Superior and the US border. She may even be here in the US by now. I just called the Hawk Ridge people at Duluth in case she decides to fly by them this time.

Her route is very similar to the one she selected last year. If this holds true, she is heading for the Gulf coast and our friends at Padre Island.

But as always, it is up to her...

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