30 September, 2012

Island Girl Roosts in Michigan

Island Girl finished crossing Canada yesterday, leaving Ontario and entering the US. She flew 452 km (281 miles) for the day, passing provincial and National parks in Canada en route. She then crossed the eastern end of Lake Superior and landed on the south shore of the upper peninsula of Michigan. 
She roosted in a small grove of trees by a delightful little stream about 2.3 miles inland. If you look at a map you will see the small town of Grand Marais (Big Marsh) to the NW and a perfect mini-dune field very similar to her winter range at Putu, Chile and also Padre Island, Texas. This would have been a perfect location for her to hunt after the approximately 85 mile water crossing.
She slept about 3 miles from the Grand Marais Airport. More importantly, for those of you that know the major US hawk-watching sites, she was only 44 miles west of Whitefish Point, a major spring and fall concentration point for migrant birds of all kinds (check out their website).
Every day that she maintains this general heading, the probability increases that she will pass along the Texas coast on her way to Chile.

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