23 September, 2012

Weather Conditions

Just checked out the Environment Canada weather pages.

As expected, there is a large low pressure system over Baffin with precipitation and near freezing temperatures (37 degree F windchill, 6 mph wind, overcast, 93% humidity, rain).

Poor conditions to charge Island Girl's solar cell.

Winter is beginning to set in now. Summer is long gone.

In general, peregrines prefer not to migrate in rain if they can avoid it.

Some of you may remember last fall, when Island Girl stalled in Limon, Costa Rica, during an extended rainy period.

There is a good chance that is what is happening now to the north.

Speaking of Costa Rica, I just heard from our friend and colleague, Marco Saborio, who lives in San Jose.

He pointed out that Island Girl has passed through Limon more than once. He writes that he is expecting her to show up there again and is planning to try to intercept her there later this fall.

Nice observation. Thanks Marco!

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