02 October, 2012

A New Type of Tower Roost

Island Girl continued south yesterday and covered 205 km (127 miles).  She is still trending towards the Louisiana coastline on this heading.

While this may be premature, it looks like she will take the Gulf Coast route for a second year in a row. If so, that would mean twice along the eastern seaboard and twice to the Gulf. We didn't know it worked this way.

She roosted within a coal-fired power generating plant complex (!) at the SW end of Sangchris Lake. This site is about 15 miles SE of the capitol building in downtown Springfield where she slept last year on 26 September, so she is running about four days later.

I called the mayor of the town to the west and they told me that the plant is owned by the Dominion Corporation, a major energy producing entity and that this is a coal-fired facility.

Based on her signal, it appears that she selected the southernmost of the three high smokestacks as her roost.

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