01 October, 2012

Apparently She Likes Baseball...

Island Girl had a great day yesterday. She continued flying south 643 km (400 miles) all the way down Lake Michigan towards Chicago.

She turned SW, passed over the shoreline and then flew right into the city of Ottawa, Illinois, located on the Fox River. Cities usually equal pigeons and I am sure she must have had a good appetite after her long flight.

I would like to ask you all to go to the satellite map and have a look at where she decided to sleep. Zoom in and you will find that she roosted on a light pole just beyond center field in a baseball diamond in one of the city parks.

Look closely and you will see some concrete footings situated along the fenceline. A long shadow extends  to the NE from each of these pads signifying that they are the typical light standards found at baseball fields around the world.

Her exact fix is shown to the south of the center field light. But keep in mind that the signal can be up to 20 meters off, easily within range of this pole.

Sunday night at the baseball field. I wonder if there was a game that day.

I called the local paper, talked to the editor and let them know about their very special visitor. They plan to run a story on her. And the editor will try to take a picture of her perch and send it along so we can all see her roost site.

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Lesley said...

There's a swimming pool there too.