07 October, 2012

Into the Gulf....

Yesterday, Island Girl headed south again and crossed most of Mississippi. She held up in Picayune for a bit, perhaps hunting or feeding, before changing her heading to the SSW. She is passing by several National Wildlife Refuges on her way, including Bogue Chitto and the Pearl River State Wildlife Management Area.

She headed towards the Mississippi Delta and took a tour of the bayous, passing across the eastern end of Lake Ponchartrain and south of New Orleans. She eventually reached the Gulf and roosted for the night on some sort of perch six miles offshore from Port Fourchon.

Although I maxed out Google Earth, I could not see what she slept on for the night. It could be an oil platform, a navigation aid, some kind of ship or perhaps something we are not even thinking about. Unfortunately, we won't know.

However, she is now faced with a major decision. Go straight south across several hundred miles of open ocean, veer west to the Texas coast or east towards Florida. In our first two years, she flew down the east coast of the US and jumped from Florida to Yucatan. Last year, she did the same thing she is doing now but spent three nights roosting at sea, presumably on oil platforms, and ultimately flying west to Padre Island.

Hopefully, we'll know more soon.

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