15 October, 2012

Island Girl Crosses Most of Honduras

On Saturday, Island Girl left Guatemala and flew SE across most of Honduras, migrating another 365 km (227 miles). Looks like she flew somewhat near the capitol, Tegucigalpa (been there), and may have "tipped" the corner of El Salvador along the way. She has flown this route many times before and I have to believe that she recognizes many of the geographic features she is flying over during this segment of her migration.

She was heading towards the Gulf of Fonseca on the Pacific Ocean side of Central America. This is where she often jumps from the Caribbean side to the Pacific side before moving past Lake Nicaragua (likely today).

Once again, it looks to me as if she roosted on a cell tower. Google Earth clearly shows a tower shadow atop a low hill (264') only 200 yards off the Pan American Highway and just south of the small settlement of Namasigue. Choluteca, one of the main cities in this part of Honduras, is about three miles north of her.

Is there anybody watching in Honduras that might be able to get us a photo of this tower? That would be cool. Anyone know anyone in Honduras you could contact? Raptor people? Bird people? Bird guides? Tour guides? Consulate people? Teachers? If so, e-mail me at falconresearch@gmail.com

We do have one problem. Google Earth shows her location being 114 meters (126 yards) from the tower. Once again, this is farther than the usual "20 meter rule". So the coordinates appear to be off a bit.

But looking at the terrain and knowing how much she likes using cell towers, I would bet money she roosted on that structure. I suppose that it could also be that she was on a short flight at signal time, perhaps hunting bats. Long stretch I know, but possible.

Could just as easily be a simple signal artifact.

One can only wonder.

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