12 October, 2012

Island Girl Enters Guatemala

She flew across the rest of southern Mexico yesterday and passed into Guatemala, officially entering Central America.

She covered 237 km (147 miles) for the day and finally roosted in a forest at around 680' elevation.

Her roosting position was about 11 miles from the Mexican border and located between the towns of Yalambojoch and Aguacate.

Her route is about mid-way between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

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Rafael Galvez said...

Wow! Go Island Girl! I sure would say that her flight across the Gulf was epic. We were consistently following your tracking from our post in the Florida Keys up until Oct 6, hoping (selfishly) she might take the eastern route from Mississippi towards Florida. We would have loved to have seen her fly by. But we started getting swamped with Peregrines of our own, as winds started turning around from the south to east.We started getting back-to-back triple-digit Peregrine flights on the 5th with 113, 237 on the 6th, 155 on the 7th, 230 on the 8th - then the winds started out of the ENE - and we tallied 318 on the 9th, and finally 651 on the 10th. By the time we paid back attention to Island Girl she was near Minatitlan. How neat it would have been if she had migrated through the Keys! Now I wonder how many Peregrines migrated across the Gulf during this time period - and possibly perched on an oil rig along with Island Girl? We often see several Peregrines perched up on towers here in the Keys during migration. Awesome journey; we will continue following your posts. Thanks Bud!
Rafael Galvez - Florida Key Hawkwatch