10 October, 2012

Island Girl Reaches the Mexican Coast after a Remarkable Flight

Don McCall sent this message out and I doubt I could put it any better so here goes...

"Island Girl completed her near-epic crossing of the Gulf of Mexico yesterday. After flying south for another 303 km (188 mi) she reached the north side of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and apparently roosted on - you guessed it - another tall tower in the town of Minatitlán, about 15 kilometers  inland.  Her GPS location at 07:00Z (overnight roost) shows her at the edge  of a large open field, but the data point at 15:00Z is at a large tower about 15  meters to the west, and that's almost certainly where she spent the night. And so far she has taken a well-deserved rest this morning."

That's for sure. She just flew across the widest possible part of the Gulf of Mexico, a distance of about 800 miles over the ocean. Took her several days but she made it. I would even call it epic, not near-epic.

And just as a reminder, Elizabetha did 900+ miles over the Atlantic in just 26 hours! Of course she had a hurricane at her back to help out.

We don't know exactly where Island Girl came ashore but she was not far from San Andreas de Tuxtlas, one of the northernmost tracts of tropical rain forest in North America. Some of you were there on our Veracruz tours when we stayed at Lake Catemaco.

She roosted about 10 miles inland and only 300 yards south of the mian Mexico highway heading towards the Yucatan and Belize, the Carretera Federal 180D.

What an amazing feat.


robin robinson said...

this also made up the 4 days of delay she had up north. Maybe that is why she risked the crossing

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they tried this route before there were oil platforms or cruise ships.
What happened to

Anonymous said...

Hi Bud and all team! I´m living in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. the last point 11/Oct 15:00 for Island girl is near (least than 20km). The San Cristóbal Bird Watchers Club we are follow her migration and we are very excited for the epic flight crossing the mexican gulf, and now is very close. Im waiting the last signal (11/oct, 23:00) Perhaps she is in some tower in sancris or perhaps she flew right to Presa La Angostura. Best regards. Eric