03 October, 2012

Next State and Another New Tower

On Tuesday, as most of you have already seen, Island Girl continued flying south as expected. She left Illinois and crossed the Mississippi River into the state of Missouri. She was near Kentucky, Tennessee and Arkansas and at about 36 degrees north latitude. In fact, she ended up about 132 miles south of St. Louis and 149 miles west of Nashville in an area I drove through with my son, Beau, last June on the way back from shipping our truck up from Ecuador via Miami.

It was the seventh day of migration for Island Girl and so far, she has covered a "minimum" of 3,202 km (1,990 miles). Of course this does not take into account all of the miles she flew hunting and circling and going off route. All we see on the map is a straight line so our distances are minimum. Keep in mind they are really much greater.

So her "minimum distance" on Tuesday was 314 km (195 miles) and her final destination was the little farm town of East Prairie, Missouri, located in the middle of an extensive farming region about 14 miles from the banks of the river. Heartland country.

It appears that she chose to sleep in town once again, this time on the water tower located at the southern edge of the city. Peregrines LOVE water towers. I have seen them perched on this type of structure in Texas, Peru and Chile. Now I can add Missouri too.

Earlier signals in town suggest that she might have been moving around there, perhaps hunting.

If we extend her current line, it looks like she is heading for the Mississippi Delta once again. If so, it will be interesting to see how she handles the Gulf of Mexico this time. Last year she slept on different offshore oil platforms on three nights before heading west to Padre Island in Texas.

We'll see. But I would not be surprised if she went east towards Florida too.

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