08 October, 2012

Pushing it...

Sometimes this bird makes me nervous.

She took off from her roost just off the coast of Louisiana and headed right out over the Gulf of Mexico like there was no tomorrow. She trended to the SW but stayed well offshore. This is an entirely new route for her. And what a commitment!

In the afternoon, she landed on something out in the deepest part of the Gulf and 443 km (275 miles)off the Mexican coast (she is now south of the US). She was even farther from the Yucatan coastline at 511 km (317 miles).

So she flew about two thirds of the way across the Gulf and covered 630 km (391 miles) out over the open ocean.

She may have roosted on a deep water oil platform or perhaps a ship of some sort as she seemed to be moving at night. Cruise ship? Freighter? Oil tanker?

I guess we will never know for certain.


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