02 October, 2012

Quick Update on the Ottawa Roost

Just got off the phone with a reporter, Dan Churney, from the Times newspaper in Ottawa. He pointed out to me that the Illinois Department of Transportation has a cell tower just across the street from the baseball field. You can clearly see the shadow on the map.

The light tower is located 15 meters from the signal location while the cell tower is about 72 yards away. Was she on the light tower or the cell tower?

We know that she loves to roost on the latter but it is a bit far from the usual + or - 20 meters that is usually considered normal.

So I just called Microwave Telelmetry (they build the units) and asked about this particular situation. They state that the normal range is about 18 meters from the signal point but that in certain conditions a greater distance is certainly possible.

Therefore, unless someone in Ottawa wants to go over and look under each of the perches for kills, mutes (droppings) or a casting, we will not know for certain which structure she used that night.

Dan doubted that the field was in use that night and certainly not for an official baseball game in fall.

Also Denny Hieronymous suggests that we use Google Street View to see these towers. Nice idea and thanks for reminding us Denny!

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Anonymous said...

Great! What happened to Felipe?