04 October, 2012

The Tower Year

Island Girl flew south from Missouri, crossed the Mississippi once again and finally settled in for the night in SW Tennessee.

She flew 168 km (104 miles), seemingly taking it pretty easy.

She passed over Reelfoot Lake, famous in peregrine lore as an area that supported a small population of tree nesting peregrines in the early 1900's.

Once again, she roosted atop a tall tower in an area of mixed woodlots and fields to the NW of Bolivar in Hardeman County. That is about 60 east of Memphis and...ahem...Graceland.

The shadow on Google Earth appears to have a large structure situated on top of the tower. This is typical of many cell towers and is called a "crow's nest"

Either way, she sure seems to like towers for sleeping this time around.

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